Stucco Inspection

So what exactly goes into a well maintained stucco system? It all begins with a thorough stucco inspection.  This gives you a baseline to see exactly what condition your stucco is actually in. With the stucco report in hand, you will be able to rectify any issues that may have gone undetected.

Once these are issues resolved, you are now at the point where you can begin correctly maintaining your stucco home to ensure you will not have future issues. With the right knowledge and expertise, stucco will bring you the comfort of cool in the summer and plenty of warmth during the winter months.

Our inspections use specialized equipment and a high degree of expertise. Once the stucco inspection is done, we will analyze your report and explain it to you. This allows you to understand exactly what is going on with your stucco. We will then give you a detailed plan to remedy the issues discovered.

We’ll walk you through the process so you understand exactly what the stucco inspection means and what the stucco repair plan will look like. When you begin to understand how your stucco works, you gain peace of mind knowing your stucco is performing correctly. Your home energy savings are tremendous with stucco(Exterior Insulation and Finish System) stucco.