TNBMA Inc. has successfully repaired hundreds of homes without any negative customer feedback – we love what we do and we hope you will too! Whether it’s a stucco inspection, a stucco repair or some remodeling, we strive to do the best job with the highest quality materials. We like to build good working relationships with our clients and treat every customer as part of our family. Read some of our customer reviews on Angie’s List or contact us today for your professional stucco inspection.

TNBMA Inc is a Residential and Commercial Stucco/stuccoInspection Company and has been providing stucco inspections and stucco remediation since 2000. We hold an advanced certification through EDI which is the benchmark for the stucco industry. We are also certified stucco inspectors and stucco contractors through Moisture Free Warranty. We are certified experts in the field of moisture investigation and infrared thermography. The reports we provide are very comprehensive, encompass every aspect of stucco investigation and meet all real estate industry standards and requirements needed for the purchase or sale of any stucco home in Knoxville, Tennessee. We also perform follow up inspections every 2 to 3 years as preventative maintenance and peace of mind.

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