TBMC has successfully repaired hundreds of homes without any negative customer feedback – we love what we do and we hope you will too! Whether it’s a stucco inspection, a stucco repair or some remodeling, we strive to do the best job with the highest quality materials. We like to build good working relationships with our clients and treat every customer as part of our family. Read some of our customer reviews on Angie’s List or contact us today for your professional stucco inspection.

We are family-owned and operated in Knoxville, TN, even though we originally came from South Africa in 2000. We started out doing small handyman services and soon found our niche in the stucco repair trade. We discovered that many contractors could apply stucco, but most of them didn’t correct the source of the problems. This is where our South African experience helps – in Africa you have to fix everything the right way the first time, or you’ll be stranded for awhile! This means we tend to over-engineer, instead of cutting corners… so long story short, we can’t sleep at night if we haven’t done the job right!